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We teach you to be a safe and confident leader! We do our best to give you a positive emotion when applying for a driving license and to make you as comfortable and fun as possible throughout the process. The combined study form offered by us offers you the opportunity to study in the e-environment at a convenient time, but at the same time guarantees that the most important topics will be reflected in the seminars held in the study rooms (4 x 1.5 hours).
In the e-learning environment, all compulsory subjects must be passed and intermediate tests must be taken. Read more about the topics in our curriculum. Driving lessons take place in agreement with the driving instructor, one hour is 45 minutes long.
It is possible to flexibly arrange driving lessons with starting points from the heart of Tallinn. It is mandatory to complete 30 driving hours. The length of the course is at least 6 weeks. The study ends with a school theory and driving test, after which we issue a school certificate.



Aadress: Masina 22
Telefon: 5822 5899

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